We have been working on a version of pyEFIS for the Raspberry Pi to specifically work with Stratux.  This will provide AHRS data until we have the ADAHRS and EIS hardware complete and released and allows us to look at ADS-B In data as well for traffic and weather on the system.  

This builds upon the work that we did for Oshkosh 2019 to make the system more robust and track down any issues concurrent to the ADAHRS and EIS implementations.   So what I have been up to is creating a 3D printable case that can be optionally RAM mounted and is built around a specific 5″ raspberry pi screen.  I think the form-factor works well for a mobile platform as it isn’t too big or cumbersome.   The biggest issue that I also raised at Oshkosh is that this is not a sunlight readable display.   We are currently talking with a manufacturer to get a custom display done for us and have ordered a prototype unit for testing.  It will take a few weeks to get it to us, but excited about the possibilities.  To mitigate the brightness issue a little bit, I designed a screen hood that will hopefully take some direct sunlight off the screen depending on where it is mounted. 

There are some videos of the prototype in operation with Stratux here:


The connection to the stratux is a little glitchy right now probably due to power supply issues to the pi.  The MakerPlane forums have day-to-day conversations on MakerPlane projects and let us know what you think and if you have any thoughts on features and requirements.  We would love to hear from you.