First flight test of the Raspberry Pi with pyEFIS loaded and a stratux for AHRS.  I installed the screen on a ram mount and temporarily secured it to a spot on the panel of my PA-28-140 Piper Cherokee.  The stratux was fixed to the right side passenger rear window with suction cups.  Three issues encountered, first one was to shovel ice in three lines to get the Cherokee out.  Hey, I live in Canada. 

Second issue was one I already knew I would have problems with.  The screen is not very bright, particularly on a bright day, which it was today.  The screen is probably 200 nits or so.  This meant it was very hard to see.  I ordered a high brightness screen online a while ago, but still not here.  China has had a lot of issues shipping anything out due to COVID-19 so we got caught in the crossfire on that one but it is what it is. 

I thought I would get the current setup into the aircraft anyway to see if I could at least get it going.  Which leads to the third issue which was the stratux box not powering up.  All looked good during ground testing in the aircraft with data being sent to the EFIS, but when I started taxiing, the stratux stopped working.  I had the pi and the stratux both connected to a 5 amp USB connector on the panel, but maybe there was a power issue once everything was operating like radios and transponder etc.  

Unfortunately I don’t have a suitable battery pack for the stratux box right now as I broke the mini-usb connector on it.  I will have to order one from Amazon and then try again.   I also only had a 5″ ram mounting socket and I will need a short one if I am going to install the EFIS box at that location.  It sticks out a bit too much and almost interferes with the throttle lever.  If it was mounted a bit further back I would also have better vision on the master battery switch and other switches.  I have a suction cup mount so next time I may install on the windshield.  I don’t want to obstruct vision so will need to be careful where it goes.  Another possibility is a yoke mount.  In any case, even though I didn’t have it fully operational, just flying with the setup gave some good results for form and fit.

Here is a short and hokey video of the setup where you can see the pi and the stratux mounted.  

Update: Looks like I got a corrupt SD card in the Stratux so I have reimaged and it appears to be working now.  Hopefully I can get it installed and go flying soon.