A developer in the aviation community, Jerry, has been quietly working an interface that to connect the ArduPlane PX4 MAVLink with pyEFIS. The ArduPlane PX4 is a widely-used open-source autopilot system for drones and although not perfect is something that a few people have asked about integration in the past.


This project also ties in with the Blauret PyG5, and for those who love to dig into code, you can find more about it on GitHub (https://github.com/blauret/pyG5.  I didn’t know that there was an open source G5 instrument so this was a cool discovery!  It’s a good example of how open-source enthusiasts can enhance existing projects, adding layers of functionality.


Jerry hasn’t been shouting from the rooftops about his work, but he has been sharing his progress. He’s got a series of videos on his YouTube channel that are worth a watch for anyone interested in the nuts and bolts of software integration in aviation tech. Check out his channel and specifically his demonstration of the PyG5 to MAVLink Python interface.


Jerry’s YouTube Channel

PyG5 to MAVLink Python Interface Demo 


Jerry’s project is a reminder that in the open-source world, progress often comes in the form of small, practical steps by individuals. It’s these contributions that collectively push the boundaries of what’s possible in our little corner of the DIY aviation tech space.  I am sure that he would enjoy your support and let us know of any projects that we can mention here.