What is MakerPlane?


MakerPlane is an open source aviation organization with open source avionics and software to enable state-of-the-art digital flight instruments and display capabilities.  We started with the design of an open source aircraft, but for now that is on hold.  We do intend to put aircraft plans on this site that are no longer in copyright as we find them.

 Also see our “How Can I Contribute?” page.

What does MakerPlane have to offer?


Free open source avionics plans and other items are available right now however along with a vibrant community contributing to many aspects of open source aviation!    What you can expect from MakerPlane:

Our future plans include:

  • 3D model availability for printing 3D objects relevant to aviation (flight grips, knobs, tools etc)
  • CNC library for aviation related projects (workbenches, tools, hangars etc)
  • Growing the avionics library including more features for the EFIS, Arduino and Android-based projects


Our Strategic Mission and Goals

To provide a more formal overview as an organization, the following mission and goals are stated for the record!


The mission of MakerPlane is to create innovative and game-changing aircraft, avionics and related systems and the transformational manufacturing processes to build them.  As a result of this aim, aircraft and avionics can be built with consistent, repeatable and highly accurate processes which create safer flying at lower cost.


MakerPlane strives to become the global hub for open source aviation community activity.   A friendly and open collaborative environment that reflects the amazing attitudes of the pilots and helpers that you will find at any flying club on any given day!