few months ago, we posted work that ulbuilder (Eric) has been doing with the MakerPlane pyEFIS and FIX-Gateway.


Eric is still at it and in this latest video, he shares his latest progress. Though this video may be for a more technical audience, skimming through gives you a good idea of what’s coming up.  There are some very impressive additions to the code base and a lot of changes are being folded into the main github repo.  As such we are going to be releasing a new pyEFIS 2.0 very soon to the community and would like your assistance in testing and providing us feedback.  We are also looking at ways to make it easier to install and get up and running.  I have created a new sub-topic in the MakerPlane Forums for pyEFIS 2.0 for people to post their comments also so encourage you to sign up if you haven’t already done so.

MakerPlane Forum 


Stay tuned. MakerPlane pyEFIS 2.0 beta will be available for testing soon!


ulbuilder (Eric) YouTube Channel

Makerplane EFIS progress Video 

Again big thanks to Eric for continuing to make significant contributions!!

MakerPlane GitHub  | MakerPlane GitHub pyEfis