We have just uploaded a new document into the repository, complements of resident avionics design guru Vern Little.  It is the complete electrical system and avionics wiring diagrams for a VFR glass panel.   It is from Vern’s own panel, designed and built for his RV-4/Harmen Rocket-II homebuilt aircraft.  The schematics include master, ignition lighting, autopilot, audio etc…. basically everything you need to wire up your whole aircraft!  The file is located in The Hangar Workshop and can also be accessed from the Downloads page.


Here is a small selection of the schematics in the document.

Here is a picture of Vern’s completed panel based on the schematics.

Vern Little’s VFR Panel complete and ready for installation into his RV-4/HR-II.


VFR Glass Panel Design


These schematics are easily adapted for most aircraft panel installations and there are many common elements that could be used for any aircraft panel.  It is also an excellent example of real-life implementation of the open source avionics designs originally from Vx Aviation that are included in the MakerPlane repository, The Hangar Workshop.  You will see installation of the following open source avionics:

  • AXIS-9A Dynon Wiring Hub
  • AXIS-25A Avionics Cross-connect Wiring Hub
  • GBX-1A Avionics Ground Bus
  • AMX-2A 10 Channel Audio Mixer
  • IL-6A Lamp Controller

The schematics include the following diagrams to help you with your own panel designs:

  • Master Switch and Starter
  • Ignition
  • Avionics Master
  • EFIS wiring
  • EMS
  • Autopilot
  • Trim
  • Lights (NAV, Strobe, Landing, Cabin etc)
  • Audio
  • Smoke (Vern does aerobatic flying!)
  • Infinity Grip wiring
  • Wig-wag oscillator driver
  • Servo Controller
This is an incredible resource and hope that it helps you in your own project!  This basically takes care of 99% of the LSA prototype electrical system for sure!
If you consider this and other projects of use and would like to contribute to MakerPlane to keep us running and add more resources, any small contribution would be very welcome!