We have created a new repository in github for MakerPlane Documents.  This will allow for developers and makers to go to one spot in the repository to get overarching documents.  The first one is the MakerPlane CAN-FIX Avionics Tools document.  This contains a pre-amble and then guidelines for developing from these CAN-FiX related tools:

  1. FiX Gateway;
  2. PyAvTools; and
  3. CANArduino library.

In addition, the FiX Gateway has descriptions of all of the current plugins.  These are:

  • CAN-FiX
  • Demo Mode;
  • FlightGear Flight Simulation;
  • GUI;
  • Net-FiX Protocol;
  • Redundant Array of Inexpensive Sensors (RAIS);
  • rpi_bmp085;
  • rpi_bno055;
  • rpi_button;
  • rpi_mcp3008;
  • rpi_rotary_encoder;
  • rpi_virtualwire;
  • XPlane Flight Simulator.

More will be added when they are developed.


More documents will be uploaded soon.  This will include pyEFIS, pyAvMap and EIS documentation.  These are currently not as evolved.  I will also upload a Raspberry Pi pyEFIS manual once I have completed configuration and flight testing.  I will also include the 3D print files for the case.  It is a start, but always looking to the community to add more functionality and help with development.  Hopefully this documentation will assist!