We are happy to announce the re-launch of the AMX series of Audio Mixers on the MakerPlane store as well as the addition of a new version.  The mixers are updated for surface mount components.

The devices function as a mini mono/stereo audio panel for combining and amplifying various audio sources. It provides a seamless interface into common intercom systems or directly drives headphones—all in a small package that takes no valuable panel space.

System wiring is greatly simplified and the units occupy a very small footprint, with all of the circuitry contained in a standard 25-pin D-subminiature connector shell. A large number of signal ground pins are provided to simplify the connections of cable shields. All of the audio connections are made to the 25-pin connector built into the unit.

The new AMX-10 is a 2 channel mono and 4 channel stereo mixer and amplifier for those that need a combination of stereo and mono.

These are all now available for sale on the MakerPlane Store.