I managed to get a flight in today in beautiful weather to perform another flight test of the Raspberry Pi based pyEFIS.  It was still -12 celcius, but no cloud and visibility +30 miles.  The only flight issue was mechanical turbulance at 3000 and below which made it quite bumpy holding a cellphone to take video.  One thing I need to do is sort out the cameras to get stabilized shots showing the steam AHI and the EFIS in the same shot.   That will be done for the next test for sure once the aircraft is serviceable again (see below).  

So the video that I took is below and shows a couple of things (apart from the dim screen).  

  • The stratux was leveled using the web page ARHS screen, but soon after this was done, the AHI showed a bank to the right. I did not level it again after taking off.  So we will need a configuration item in the EFIS to allow the stratux to be leveled without leaving the app.
  • The EFIS does tend to jump a bit because it is reacting to raw data from the stratux.  Might need to average that out a bit.
  • There is a tendancy for the EFIS to show a jump to pitch up or pitch down.  As I said above, it was a bumpy flight so it might have just been reflecting those bumps from the raw data.




One more dramatic incident was that my Cherokee decided to catch on fire next to the airport refuelling point.  After refuelling today after the flight, I restarted the engine and the engine compartment caught fire.  I did not continue turning over the engine when I saw the smoke so it was not actually on when the fire started.  I got out (in a hurry) and opened up the cowl and saw flames on some hoses under the engine itself and coming out by the landing light.  I was in such a rush that I did not get the fire extinguisher, so went back and got the extinguisher and put the flames out in under a second.  It is amazing how I forgot how the damn extinguisher release bracket worked under the seat.  Seemed to take forever to get it out, but was probably only a couple of seconds.  Suggest that you practice that occassionally, or at least figure out how to release your extinguisher in a hurry….. I know I will from now on! 

Looking at the damage, it appears that the landing light was the cause of the fire.   It must have shorted out.  I do not believe that the engine was affected, just the hoses.  However I am not the AME, just the guy that needs to change his underpants.  Luckily it occured on the ground and not in the air.  The light is where the charring is obvious as you can see in the image below.