1/10th Scale Model First Flight!

1/10th Scale Model First Flight!

Jeffrey has been working long hours to get a 1/10th scale model of MakerPlane flying and yesterday was the first flight!  Dubbed MakerPlane 0.1 (because it is a 10th scale model!) and Jeffrey’s son at the controls, the model lifted off.

Here is Jeffrey’s report on the flight:


After making a frantic effort to find a suitable place to fly we managed to get MP0.1 off the ground – literally.

It’s a tiny model (1/10th full size) constructed using accurately scaled dimensions and many of the same construction techniques that we propose in the full scale product. It’s not 100% accurate because some of the materials and techniques are just not practical at this size. A couple of examples: I couldn’t make scale 1/4 inch fiberglass/foam sandwich (it would come out 0.6 mm thick!) so I used 0.5 mm aviation ply instead. I used soft balsa for core material istead of foam for items like the tailplane. I couldn’t find a 1/10th scale pilot so I used R/C technology instead.
The model took about 80 hours of work and I only started building it after the Indiegogo campaign started.

MP 0-1 First Flight

From a technical point of view it can be seen from the maiden flight video that the model is extremely responsive and the ailerons have much too much throw, but my son (the pilot) quickly compensated and brought it in for a beautiful landing. We ran out of daylight before we could make some adjustments and a second flight. Pity we couldn’t fly it any more before sunset.

All in all I’ve learned a lot from this model – but mainly it’s given me a great boost in confidence about the somewhat revolutionary construction techniques that we propose. This is one of the most robust models that I have ever built. For a model this size it has an abundance of interior space – a fact that reminds me that the full sized MP01 will have one of the roomiest cockpits on the planet. I made a video of the flight using a fine new camera that I still need to get used to. As I write this post the video is being uploaded to the MakerPlane DropBox. Please don’t be too alarmed by my shaking hand as well as the hair-raising takeoff caused by the oversensitive ailerons.

Here is the video of the first flight:

Jeffrey will be starting the build of the 1/4 scale monster model soon in parallel to my build of the prototype.  This will be instrumented with autopilot, GPS navigation, data logging and real-time telemetry.




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